General Psychiatry

Mental illness is the cause of significant suffering to the individual, the family and society as a whole. A mental illness may cause changes in the way an individual thinks, feels and behaves. Furthermore, mental illness impacts negatively on physical health.

At the Kenilworth Clinic Practice we offer diagnostic assessments and the individualised management of common mental health problems such as depression and anxiety disorders, as well as other mental health illnesses like adult ADHD, bipolar mood disorder and schizophrenia Our approach to assessment and treatment is holistic. We recognize the importance of biological, psychological and social factors in the aetiology of mental disorders, and well as in the treatment of them.

We believe that treatment, in addition to being innovative and evidence based, must recognise the uniqueness of each individual’s specific needs. We are committed to understanding these needs and to providing help with associated problems. These can include improving physical and psychological health, helping the family or addressing issues at work.

The first step is booking an assessment. The purpose of the assessment is to get a comprehensive understanding of your difficulties. We can then offer a treatment plan that addresses your current needs and resources.

Treatment offered includes:

Treatment for mood disorders

  • Major depressive disorders
  • Bipolar mood disorder

Treatment for anxiety disorders

  • Generalised anxiety disorder
  • Panic disorder
  • Social Anxiety Disorder
  • Phobias

Treatment for obsessive-compulsive and related disorders

Treatment for trauma and stressor related disorders

  • PTSD

Treatment for psychotic disorders

  • Schizophrenia
  • Schizoaffective disorder
  • Delusional disorder

Treatment for personality disorders

Treatment can be offered in different settings

  • As an out patient
  • As an In-patient at Akeso Kenilworth Clinic

Treatment of somatic symptom and related disorders

  • Psychological factors affecting other medical conditions

Specific treatments include

  • Medication
  • Individual therapy (CBT and psychodynamic psychotherapy)
  • Family education and supportive therapy
  • Work place support

We work closely with various psychologists, occupational therapists and social workers to ensure that we deliver a comprehensive care package.